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Loops in SAS

Looping is essential to statistical programming. Whether you need to iterate over parameters in an algorithm or indices in an array, a loop is often one of the first programming constructs that a beginning programmer learns. Today is the first anniversary of this blog, which is named The DO Loop,

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Guest Blogger: Udo Sglavo on Cross-validation using SAS Forecast Server (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1, Udo provided SAS code to replicate the example in Hyndman's blog.  Below, he shows the results of out-of-sample testing, and draws some conclusions on the computational efficiency of this approach. Out-of-sample Testing In addition to the example shared by Hyndman, out-of-sample data was used to illustrate the final performance

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Analytics-powered companies finish best

I jotted down the following fact from a session yesterday at the Disney Analytics & Optimization Summit: Organizations that invest in analytics perform better in the market. That's quite an assertion. Tweetable for sure. But it was a late-afternoon presentation and I was hungry for supper. So I forgot about

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SAS author's tip: write positively

Do you need help communicating more effectively with an international audience? Whether you blog, edit newsletters or technical material, tweet, or send internal notes to global colleagues, this week's SAS author's tip is likely to be of great assistance. SAS Press author John Kohl is an amazing linguistic engineer, technical writer, and  technical editor

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Random acts of kindness

 Biked to the train station this morning…felt the wind, watched trees waving in the breeze…flew past Highway 403 with trucks whizzing by…felt noble about being environmentally conscious…took the side path to the station…slowed to a halt beside the bike parking lot…opened my backpack to take out the key to lock

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The wild, wild West of SAS Press

You’ve gotten to know Stacey Hamilton; now it’s time to learn more about SAS Press acquisitions editor John West! John  West typically works on programming and statistics titles and has been with SAS Publishing for 22 years: He started at SAS as a proofreader, then moved into technical editing where

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