Belated code

SAS Code for your Valentine - just in case you forgot to get flowers, chocolate or other tokens of affection for the big day yesterday. tags: Friday's Innovation Inspiration

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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Visualization lets them 'see' the data

Were you at SAS Global Forum last spring? Dr. Goodnight sat down at a computer console and personally demonstrated the cool things that SAS® Visual Analytics Explorer can do? Take a look at his demo, and then imagine working in a drag-and-drop, point and click environment with billions of rows […]

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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Recycle, reuse

This technical case study by Faisal Dosani, Royal Bank of Canada; Lisa Eckler, Lisa Eckler Consulting Inc.; and Marje Fecht, Prowerk Consulting Ltd.,  discusses the steps to develop a hands-off process for creating flexible and extensible solutions that avoid maintainability issues and enable speed to market of results. Building reusable […]

Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Efficient credit scoring

The traditional methods of making credit decisions relied mostly on human judgment; those have been replaced by methods that use statistical models. Today, statistical models are used not only for deciding whether to accept an applicant (application scoring), but also to predict the likelihood of defaults among customers who have […]

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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Social network analysis and automation

Big data seemed like all of the other marketing hype that we hear. But as the months have gone by, it seems clear that everyone is dealing with big data. You know, data coming in so fast that you can't adequately analyze it (at least not as efficiently and quickly […]

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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Version control

Anything that you do manually leaves the door open for error; this is especially true for your file system.  Aside from that, automated processes are usually faster. Magnus Mengelbier has applied this philosophy to providing version control capabilities to SAS data sets, programs and outputs. tags: Friday's Innovation Inspiration, papers […]

Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Hiring for keeps

I recently published a post based on an InformationWeek article about the need for more analytic talent and tips for finding the right talent. InformationWeek failed  to include information about using SAS to uncover fraudulent responses in applications. This Post-It Note author uses SAS for that and entertainment. tags: Friday's Innovation […]

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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - A %mockery?

Yao Huang says that you can use the %mock_table SAS macro to build mock tables needed for Phase I clinical trials. "Instead of spending a lot time to create or modify each table using a word processor, statisticians or programmers can quickly run this macro using a pre-specified excel template […]

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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Consolidated reporting for big data

With an exponential growth in transactions, it may be hard to get a clear, single view of customer interactions. ICICI Bank , India's second largest bank, needed a single system that could replace multiple (complex to maintain) reporting systems - enterprise wide. The challenge - finding a solution to handle its growing […]

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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - SAS templates for efficiency

Collaboration can be difficult, but what if you could provide a template that helps everyone work together more efficiently? The Post-It note author below has developed such a tool and suggests using it as a guide for accepted coding standards. You can also use templates to control the look of […]

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