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SAS Code for your Valentine - just in case you forgot to get flowers, chocolate or other tokens of affection for the big day yesterday.

proc format;
     value x  .5='e' 0='n' -.5='i' -1='M' other=' ';
      value y -1='e' 0='B' other=' ';

data h;
pi = constant("PI");
  do r =  0 to pi by .02;
    x = cos(r)*.5+.5;y1 = sin(r);y0 = 2.5*sin(r/2+pi);output;
proc sort ;by x;run;

proc sgplot data=h;
band x=x upper=y1 lower=y0/fillattrs=(color=CXFF0000);
format x x. y1 y0 y.;
xaxis valueattrs=(color=CXFF0000 weight=bold size=30 family="Brush Script MT");
yaxis valueattrs=(color=CXFF0000 weight=bold size=30 family="Brush Script MT");

Here's what you will get:

Rick Wicklin uses SAS/IML Studio to provide a different parameterization.  If my Valentine doesn't get you out of the dog house, read his post - A parametric view of love.


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    • Christina Harvey
      Christina Harvey on

      Angie . . .

      It sounds like you may not have the right SAS release installed for the SG procedures, a new family of graphics procedures built on top of the ODS GRAPHICS system. They were introduced in SAS 9.2 and required a SAS/GRAPH license. Starting with SAS 9.3 and forward, the SG procedures are part of BASE SAS.

      -- Christina

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