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Students & Educators
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Mastering SAS Enterprise Miner

Are you struggling to master SAS Enterprise Miner? Does it feel as if there are ten duotrigintillion (i.e. a Googol) choices and options that are keeping you from making progress? Why not proceed in the same way Neanderthals consumed a mammoth; piece by piece! You first have to decide on

Students & Educators
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Let SAS Certification Come To You

When candidates take a SAS Global Certification exam, they usually travel to one of more than 4,500 Prometric test centers located around the globe - but that isn’t always the case.  There are a growing number of Universities that deliver SAS exams on-campus as part of their course offerings. Here’s how it works. 

Students & Educators
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Joint Certificate Programs with SAS

I recently spoke with a professor looking to develop a joint certificate program with SAS. These joint certificate programs have become very popular over the last ten years and many of the students that earn the joint certificate have found potential employers recognize the additional efforts and experience by offering

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