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El CEO, el catalizador de la transformación digital de las empresas

La transformación digital es un fenómeno tecnológico y de negocio que continúa con una fuerte inercia dentro de las organizaciones de todas las industrias. Esta inercia ha sido impulsada de forma importante durante la actual pandemia, y se prevé que permanezca como uno de los temas centrales en la agenda

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Rank-based scores and tied values

Many nonparametric statistical methods use the ranks of observations to compute distribution-free statistics. In SAS, two procedures that use ranks are PROC NPAR1WAY and PROC CORR. Whereas the SPEARMAN option in PROC CORR (which computes rank correlation) uses only the "raw" tied ranks, PROC NPAR1WAY uses transformations of the ranks,

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Everyone can code with SAS® CodeSnaps

SAS® CodeSnaps is an easy, affordable, and engaging tool. All you need is one iPad, the free CodeSnaps app, one Sphero robot, and a problem to solve. Students work collaboratively in teams to generate the code required to move the Sphero; they build a program using the printable coding blocks, scan it with the app, and execute the program to check their logic. CodeSnaps is accessible and appropriate for all learners across all disciplines. Get creative and challenge your students to navigate an obstacle course, find members of a word family, explore the digestive system, or travel the Oregon Trail. Your imagination is your only limitation.

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SAS honors educators and students for excellence in analytics and data science 

The demand for people with analytics and data science skills continues to outpace supply – and SAS skills are among the most prized. Through programs such as the new  SAS Academic Specialization, the company is building a sustainable pool of data science and analytics talent.   At the virtual SAS Global Forum 2021, the company recognized

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Em sessão de demonstração, Brett Wujek mostra como o AutoML pode facilitar os negócios

Brett Wujek, Principal Product Manager do SAS, mostrou detalhadamente o cliclo analítico e como o SAS Viya ajuda a facilitar o modo como os dados podem ser tratados, oferecendo um equilíbrio natural e efetivo entre os recursos de automação e a interação humana. Wujek frisou a importância da interação humana

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Compute bivariate ranks

Ranking is a fundamental concept in statistics. Ranks of univariate data are used by statisticians to estimate statistics such as percentiles (quantiles) and empirical distributions. A more advanced use is to compute various rank-based measures of correlation or association between pairs of variables. For example, ranks are used to compute

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Compute tied ranks

The ranks of a set of data values are used in many nonparametric statistics and statistical tests. When you request a statistic or nonparametric test in SAS, the procedure will automatically compute the ranks that are needed. However, sometimes it is useful to know how to compute the ranks yourself.

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What makes SAS Global Forum great?

The people, the energy, the quality of the content, the demos, the networking opportunities…whew, all of these things combine to make SAS Global Forum great every year. And that is no exception this year. Preparations are in full swing for an unforgettable conference. I hope you’ve seen the notifications that

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