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Blend, cleanse and prepare data for analytics, reporting or data modernization efforts

Data Management
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Technology Connection offers R&D vision

“My goal is to constantly improve the quality and stability of our software while at the same time innovating,” said Vice President of SAS Resarch and Development Armistead Sapp yesterday at the SAS Global Forum Technology Connection. Hosted by Product Management Director Michele Eggers, the Technology Connection focused not only on

Data Management
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The magic of ESP for the oil and gas industry

Acronyms are funny things. Need an example? Try decoding this sentence: How is event stream processing (ESP), applied to electrical submersible pumps (ESP) in the oil and gas industry, like extrasensory perception (ESP)? Even if you had extrasensory perception you would still need some clarification if that sentence contained acronyms only.

Data Management
Jim Harris 0
Why can’t we predict the weather?

This is the time of year when we like to make predictions about the upcoming year. Although I am optimistic about the potential of predictive analytics in the era of big data, I am also realistic about the nature of predictability regardless of how much data is used. For example, in

Data Management
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Need help with Data Management?

I'm happy to announce the SAS Data Management support community has a new look and feel! And there’s lots of additional content and resources now too. The SAS Data Management community on is a central hub for anyone interested in SAS data access, integration, quality and governance. Community Manager

Data Management | Data Visualization
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Overcoming the Top Four Challenges to More Effective Decision Making With Data Visualisation

Our recent innovations into Data Visualisation have led us to be inundated and involved in lots of conversations with customers and prospects looking to benefit from the marriage of advanced analytics, visualisation, data management and simplicity. Greg and Minh delved into the benefits that this marriage can yield and why data visualisation should form an

Data Management
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SAS loves stats: Marc Huber

If you’ve got a few minutes to chat with Marc Huber, don’t miss the opportunity. He has an interesting take on the human side of statistics.  As a senior analytical training consultant for SAS, he combines an impressive background in psychology with a passion for math to teach customers around the

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