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SAS loves math: Udo Sglavo

“Maybe math is not love-at-first-sight for you, but it pays to flirt with it a little,” says Udo Sglavo.  As a principal analytical consultant in the operations research R&D group at SAS, he’s not your typical mathematician. Udo arrived at his career with a gentle tug from family members and

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3 ways to improve customer loyalty with analytics

It’s no secret that analytics helps large organizations determine what offers are best for their customers and their business, but can powerful analytics be harnessed for small and medium business success? For the answer, I turned to Oberweis Dairy, a 90-year-old mid-sized business that has grown from a family-owned dairy farm

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Analytics raises questions that lead to value

I recently talked with the director of analytic operations at a large office supply retailer who explained that his group is often approached with broad questions that they investigate historically and descriptively to help figure out where to go next. The broad questions often lead the retailer to learn things

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The skeptical CFO

During a recent presentation on performance management I had an audience member ask me if perhaps I had minored in cynicism along with my degree in finance.  I replied that, with the science, psychology and philosophy I’d taken, I probably had minored in skepticism, but that the cynicism came later,

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Analytics vs the HiPPO?

Given the increasing role of analytics, are HiPPOS going the way of the dinosaur? According to the recent research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, the answer is yes and no. Perhaps you’ve heard of the term HiPPO (Highest Paid Person in the Organization or Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) –

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Deloitte in a big data world

What do SAS technology partners think about the “big data” craze? Is it real or hype? And if it's real, what skills do you need to embrace big data opportunities? At our upcoming events,  Analytics 2012 and The Premier Business Leadership Series, you’ll get the opportunity to ask these questions of our partners in

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SAS loves math: Kathy Lange

Math and analytics are back “in vogue,” says Kathy Lange, member of the Americas Business Analytics practice at SAS. Since she was little, Kathy has seen the world as one big math problem, and her devotion to mathematics is overwhelmingly clear in this lively interview. Read on below, and be

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SAS loves math: Tonya Balan

A senior manager in the analytics product management group, Tonya Balan sees herself as a bridge between SAS customers and R&D, ensuring that SAS products stay relevant to the needs of the customer. With a background in statistics and experience as a college professor, Tonya shares her excellent advice and

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