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SAS loves Stats: Don Wedding

Don Wedding played a baseball simulation game called Sports Illustrated/Avalon Hill Superstar Baseball back when he was in grade school in Toledo, Ohio. The game involved rolling specialized dice, and then referring to cards representing the performance of the greatest baseball players of all time. The problem was Wedding knew

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SAS loves stats: Anne Hawley

Anne Hawley’s "Introduction to Statistics” professor asked the class what percentage of students at St. Lawrence University in New York state were smokers. Although the answer (according to a survey of students) was closer to 10 percent, most of the class guessed a much higher number, possibly due to the fact

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Top 10 takeaways from Texas A&M SAS Day

Analytics, to me, has always been about continuous education and giving people the chance to learn new insights. The SAS Day at Houston CityCentre earlier this month is a shining example. Hosted by the Department of Statistics as Texas A&M University, the event showed how analytics guides decisions across many

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Six Steps to a Business-driven Analytics Strategy

Analytics offers heaps of promised benefits – from reduced churn to increased sales to deep and actionable insight on customer preferences. But sucessfully deploying analytics in your organization can be challenging. Where do I start? Which projects should be prioritized? How should my organization be structured for success? What technology innovations are key to include?

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Ask a statistician: Why do you love SAS?

So far in our "Ask the statistician" blog and video series, we have heard responses from statisticians to the following questions: Why is it important to celebrate the International Year of Statistics? How did you became interested in statistics? Why should students study statistics? How do you use statistics? What

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