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Paul Kent on Hadoop, SAS and elevators

Paul Kent, SAS VP of Big Data talks to us at SAS Global Forum about working with Hadoop and the significant impact it has on SAS customers. Watch the video to learn how one Japanese real estate company used this technology to gather data from elevator stops in high-rise buildings. The

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HiPPOs versus geeks. Who will win?

It might not be the battle of good versus evil, but it’s a clash that can profoundly affect a company’s success. So, what are the HiPPOs and geeks fighting over? It’s the way an organization chooses to tackle its biggest challenges. But before we delve into that topic, it’s important

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Experts discuss value of energy analytics

How often do you question the availability of power? Outside of weather events, the answer is probably, “not much.” But what if you have an electric vehicle?  Or manage a data center?  Rely on either of those technologies and you might consider electricity as a constraint, around which you plan

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Beyond the big data horizon

Last night's Horizon programme entitled The Age of Big Data (BBC2) highlighted the ongoing explosion of information and how it is transforming the way we interact with the modern world. From predictive policing to mapping the solar system, big data is shaping how organisations understand the environment to make smarter,

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