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Celebrate your own free copy of my book "Building Business Intelligence Using SAS"

Well, we can't really afford to give everyone a free copy of the Building Business Intelligence Using SAS: Content Development Examples. But copies will be presented to two randomly selected participants of today's eChat! Then you can be a part of the celebrations! Yes, that's right! People have been

Advanced Analytics
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What is Mahalanobis distance?

I previously described how to use Mahalanobis distance to find outliers in multivariate data. This article takes a closer look at Mahalanobis distance. A subsequent article will describe how you can compute Mahalanobis distance. Distance in standard units In statistics, we sometimes measure "nearness" or "farness" in terms of the

Advanced Analytics
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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Big data

Big data is one of the hottest topics in business. When you hear those words - BIG Data - you almost surely think of: HUGE financial services firms scoring terabytes of historical and current risk data GLOBAL telecommunications companies mining petabytes of structured and unstructured data INTERNATIONAL retailers repricing hundreds of thousands of products across

Advanced Analytics
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Use the Cholesky transformation to correlate and uncorrelate variables

A variance-covariance matrix expresses linear relationships between variables. Given the covariances between variables, did you know that you can write down an invertible linear transformation that "uncorrelates" the variables? Conversely, you can transform a set of uncorrelated variables into variables with given covariances. The transformation that works this magic is

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