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SAS loves math: Tonya Balan

A senior manager in the analytics product management group, Tonya Balan sees herself as a bridge between SAS customers and R&D, ensuring that SAS products stay relevant to the needs of the customer. With a background in statistics and experience as a college professor, Tonya shares her excellent advice and

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SAS loves math: Imre Polik

Imre Polik, senior operations research specialist in the operations research group, truly qualifies as a math lover. Having studied math his entire life—and having taught it for two years—Imre offers some valuable words of wisdom and experience. He even has a couple of stories and jokes up his sleeves! Read

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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Ratemaking

In this Innovation Inspiration, a SAS user has developed the insurance rating plans for a country using predictive modeling. How exciting! Additionally, the system adjusts based upon actual experience. This is quite the accomplishment given the complexity of the ratemaking for even a small geographical territory. The comments section reveal the identity of this innovator. Check it out.

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SAS loves math: Tammy Jackson

Tammy Jackson, a senior research statistician developer in the economics technology group, says her job is like taking a math test all day—but she wouldn’t have it any other way. With a background in matrices, linear algebra and math education, Tammy is proud of her work and has a keen eye for

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And the difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is ...

After some discussion with SAS Product Marketing yesterday, we devised this response to everyone's question about the Business Analytic differentiator that SAS provides. ********************************************************************************************************* Business Intelligence is one of the key components from SAS that ties into a suite of analytic techniques, information handling and performance infrastructures needed to deliver

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