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4 ways that data and AI can facilitate sustainability transformation

In the first of this two-part blog series, we discussed why corporate sustainability is gaining momentum and explored the benefits and challenges it brings to business. Let’s dive into some practical tips on how to facilitate sustainability transformation within your organization: 1. Analyse your current situation with a future-oriented approach

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5 keys to building stronger analytics teams

With so much complexity and change in the marketplace, organizations worldwide are leveraging opportunities to make better predictions, identify solutions and take strategic, proactive steps forward – which means that they increasingly depend on big data. In their quest for organizational resilience, however, companies find that numbers aren’t necessarily the secret

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7 common pitfalls to avoid when creating business value from AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is causing a digital transformation that is changing businesses’ operations. It is likely to bring a sea change compared to the Industrial Revolution. Many challenges with AI are technical, but most failures occur because of poor strategy and execution. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take

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Decisions first!

I moved to Australia from Belgium two months ago for a short-term assignment. I am very concerned by the exchange rate. My dollars have lost over 15% of their value in euros and I share my frustration around me. People tell me, "Just wait, it cannot stay so low, the

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Agility and the Analytic Sandbox

Analytics gives us not just the ability but the imperative to separate our planning activities into two distinct segments – detailed planning that leads to budgets in support of execution, and high-level, analytic-enabled business/scenario planning. My critique of Control Towers in this blog last time led me not only to

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Only leaders can transform organizations

When the Apple Macintosh hit the market, analysts were not impressed. But Steve Jobs’ vision ended up transforming our lives. Apple is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and has become a global household name. Jobs’ ability to direct his organization to develop easy to use products not only met

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Metrics – Too many different ways of keeping score

You’ve likely played an organized sport at some time in your life - How many different ways were there to keep score?  How many different ways were there to determine the winner?  Just one – right?  It was goals, or runs, or points, or something, but never goals and/or assists,

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Having a strategy, versus being strategic

Clarence So, Chief Strategy Officer for Salesforce.com, opened last month’s Chief Strategy Officer Summit in San Francisco (by the IE Group) with a challenging statement: ‘Your strategy is nothing more than the sum of your tactics’.  I found this to be less than satisfactory as an explanation, but considering the

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Surfing the disturbance

The future of business is the martial arts CEO, the jujitsu strategist.  Far too many organizations approach business with an American football mentality, complete with scripted plays, huddles and time outs, but the real world isn’t quite so convenient and accommodating.  The real business world is 7x24 with no time outs

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Rolling forecasts, or Who ordered that?

I have previously dealt independently with issues of forecasting, planning, and budgeting in separate posts, and the time has now come to pull them all together in one place and just come out and say what I really mean. This integrative post was prompted by a recent invitation I received

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Holy analytics, Stat-Man!

Tomorrow I was going to go visit one of our insurance clients. I was really looking forward to the meeting – a chance to share experiences with a strategic analytic team. Unfortunately, I got an e-mail from the team’s administrative assistant: “I’m sorry, but so-and-so needs to cancel. An important

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Playing 'Marco Polo', and other forecasting approaches

Here is a four-stage approach to financial forecasting. I urge you to seriously consider adopting at least level 1, then next look at how layering on the other stages might transform your approach to business planning. The four stages are: (1) Multiple Forecast Inputs,  (2) Marco Polo,  (3) Driver-based forecasting,

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Plan V

Quiz time. Just to see if you learned anything from the last go around. The “V”, by the way, could stand for “volatile”, as in the 2008-09 global economic meltdown, or perhaps “volcano”, as in the 2010 eruptions of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Did you have a Plan V for the

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Top 2 commandments of analytics

Interesting article in this quarters sascom magazine by Jeff Ma – the guy behind “bringing down the house” and the movie “21”. After explaining how he felt the power of analytics and statistics was not unlike believing in God, he shared 2 stories where that faith was put to the

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What’s a Budget for?

With the exception of the occasional James Bond movie that proves the rule, we don’t as a matter of course combine our modes of transportation into one all-purpose vehicle, and we even tend to park our cars, boats and planes in separate facilities. But when it comes to financial management,

Risk Management
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How much, How soon, How certain

The best business book I’ve ever read (or at least the best by someone not named “Drucker”) has been “Competing on Value” by Mack Hanan and Peter Karp. Not trendy or full of consultant-speak buzzwords, first published in 1991, it’s simple, direct approach has stood the test of time, even

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Strategy Frameworks

Somewhat surprisingly, we all probably know what we mean when we use strategy as an adjective, “strategic”, but manage to make a complete muddle out of the word as a noun, “strategy”. Can our tactics be strategic? I would think yes, if they are in accordance with some strategy. Can