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Work & Life at SAS
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Finding Purpose

As the new year unfolds so do new resolutions. While these are helpful, I invite you to consider a new way to look at cultivating what you really want this year! Let’s begin with a simple question. What gets you out of bed every day? I'm not referring to an alarm

Work & Life at SAS
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Purposeful Action

The pandemic of 2020 has been a largely forced opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and loosen the hectic schedules that seem to dominate modern life. For months now, those inane social rituals that make up most of our interactions have now been replaced by family, friend, and solo time.  Let’s

Work & Life at SAS
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Why I Love My Job

Meetings, emails, budgets, phone calls, more emails, a meeting that could be an email, an email that should be a meeting – sound familiar?  This is a typical work week for most of us. It is easy to get caught up in the next thing on the calendar and lose