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Fraud & Security Intelligence
Sundeep Tengur 0
The hidden cost of subscription fraud 

Subscription fraud ‘disappearing acts’ have economic, human and reputational consequences. What were initially isolated cases have now become a systemic industry issue for telecommunication companies worldwide. In fact, the CFCA reports an approximate $2.03 Bn. lost to fraud every year due to subscription fraud through impersonation. Other variants of subscription fraud through applications and ‘credit muling’ contribute an additional $1.93 Bn. and $1.75 Bn. respectively.

Sasa Crnojevic 0
Choice in communications service provision: Why analytics is essential to the ‘network revolution’ in telecoms 

There is a virtualisation revolution happening in networks, as communication services providers increasingly turn to automation to deliver ongoing cost savings. 5G is also just around the corner and will place increasing demands on networks.  As a result, there are a number of changes on the horizon. The first is