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Sy Truong reporting from WUSS 2011

If you've been to a SAS Forum, US SAS Regional or local SAS event, you know that it is impossible to see and hear everything that is on your list. Imagine how disappointed your SAS colleagues are who are sitting at home. They would love to hear about what you

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Ron Fehd has SASonality in Spades

The SASonality series is about connecting you with SAS users that you may not have taken time to really get to know. Today, I’m going to introduce you to someone that you’ve seen at the SAS regional users group conferences. As you’ll see after reading his interview, he’s created a

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The Code Doctor is in …

Does your SAS code lack energy? Are your macros not 'mending'? Is your data out of sorts? Not to fear, because here at SAS Global Forum, we have emergency treatment for your SAS code. The new Code Doctors section allows you to bring your problematic SAS programs to a SAS