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How to find an initial guess for an optimization

Nonlinear optimization routines enable you to find the values of variables that optimize an objective function of those variables. When you use a numerical optimization routine, you need to provide an initial guess, often called a "starting point" for the algorithm. Optimization routines iteratively improve the initial guess in an

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IMLPlus documentation is now available online

I am pleased to announce that the documentation for the IMLPlus language is now available online. Previously, this resource was available only from within the SAS/IML Studio application. This documentation can now be accessed by anyone, regardless of whether they have installed SAS/IML Studio. As I have described previously, IMLPlus

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Calling R from SAS/IML software

For years I've been making presentations about SAS/IML software at conferences. Since 2008, I've always mentioned to SAS customers that they can call R from within SAS/IML software. (This feature was introduced in SAS/IML Studio 3.2 and was added to the IML procedure in SAS/IML 9.22.) I also included a

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What is IMLPlus?

The IMLPlus language has been available to SAS customers since 2002, but there are still many people who have never heard of it. What is IMLPlus? The documentation SAS/IML Studio for SAS/STAT Users says this about IMLPlus: The programming language in SAS/IML Studio, which is called IMLPlus, is an enhanced