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2019 상반기 글로벌 분석 전문가들의 SAS 평가 리포트를 공유합니다

SAS는 매년 IDC(International Data Corporation), 가트너(Gartner), 포레스터 리서치(Forrester Research, Inc.) 등 세계적인 분석 기관 및 시장 조사 업체로부터 SAS의 제품과 전략, 시장 경쟁성 등 여러 측면에서 평가를 받고 있습니다. 이러한 애널리스트들의 평가와 조언은 기술 구매를 고려하는 고객들은 물론 SAS의 발전과 혁신에도 큰 도움이 됩니다. 올해 상반기 SAS는 전문가들로부터 어떤 평가를

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Gartner names SAS a Leader in digital marketing analytics

Digital marketing analytics has evolved over nearly two decades, per Gartner, and has beginnings with Web analytics developed to analyze server logs. Much has changed and a broader digital marketing analytics ecosystem has evolved into its own right, so Gartner saw the need to evaluate providers of digital marketing analytics solutions. In their inaugural Magic Quadrant for

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Big data and the project mentality

Is big data becoming too big to ignore? An increasing number of organizations seem to think so. As Matt Asay on ReadWriteWeb writes: According to a recent Gartner report, 64% of enterprises surveyed indicate that they're deploying or planning Big Data projects (emphasis mine). Yet even more acknowledge that they

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Effective marketing includes digital asset management

When I think of digital assets, I become quickly overwhelmed. Just the volume of digital assets is mindboggling, without even accounting for how many individuals touch each digital asset before it is complete. Added complexity comes from organizational factors, such as legal review and standards, other internal departments' needs, multiple locations, subsidiaries,