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통합 금융 범죄에 대처하는 가장 효과적인 방법, 'FRAML'

자금 세탁 방지와 사기 방지 환경의 통합 접근 방안 금융 범죄의 현황과 대응 금융 범죄(Financial Crimes)라 함은 개인적 사용 및 사익을 위해 불법적으로 재산의 소유권을 전환하는 모든 불법 행위를 포함하는 광범위한 용어입니다. 금융 범죄는 다양한 유형의 사기(Fraud), 절도(Theft), 스캠(Scam), 탈세(Tax Evasion), 뇌물 수수(Bribery), 횡령(Embezzlement), 신원 도용(Identity Theft), 위조(Forgery) 등에 의해

Risk Management
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Score Crediticio, un modelo de calificación con procesos críticos en su ciclo de vida

Para gestionar apropiadamente una cartera de créditos y realizar una colocación adecuada de los recursos, las entidades financieras se ven en la necesidad de medir correctamente el riesgo de crédito. Particularmente en Argentina, la comunicación “A” 5398 del Banco Central de la República Argentina establece los lineamientos para la gestión

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What’s a Budget for?

With the exception of the occasional James Bond movie that proves the rule, we don’t as a matter of course combine our modes of transportation into one all-purpose vehicle, and we even tend to park our cars, boats and planes in separate facilities. But when it comes to financial management,

Risk Management
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How Certain is that Number in the Window

My introduction to the issue of risk in business decision making came rather abruptly and rudely during what I thought was going to be another routine quarterly business review with the executive committee. My particular agenda item was to present the business case for a “lite” version of one of

Risk Management
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How much, How soon, How certain

The best business book I’ve ever read (or at least the best by someone not named “Drucker”) has been “Competing on Value” by Mack Hanan and Peter Karp. Not trendy or full of consultant-speak buzzwords, first published in 1991, it’s simple, direct approach has stood the test of time, even