How can I spend a long SAS user weekend?


If you're looking for some good stuff to read ... I mean great stuff for SAS users, I've had this  list brewing in my head for a few weeks now. (The reason that I ask is because in the US, this weekend will be a three-day holiday to commemorate Memorial Day. So, many families will head to the mountains, the lake or the beach for a little extra quiet time.) Even if you won't be on holiday, the coming months will surely leave some time for these great papers and videos!

SAS Global Forum Takeout — The Executive Committee selected 17 presentations for you to use in your presentations, SAS Users Groups events, in-house events, etc. These are full slide presentations with narration from the original presenters. FREE!

Best Contributed Papers — To narrow your reading just a bit, here's the list of Best Contributed Papers from SAS Global Forum.

SAS Global Forum 2012 Proceedings — After you've finished with the top papers, you'll want to work your way through the complete list.  This link will also direct you to previous SAS Global Forum Proceedings. Happy reading.

Birds of a different feather

There are many ways to get information - my friends used to say, "Different strokes for different folks." For those of you who are much younger than I, that means that some of you like to read blog posts, while others prefer full-length technical papers. Some like to watch videos and still others prefer podcasts. The content from SAS Global Forum was captured in lots of these ways, and I've tried to pull some of that together here for you.

Blog posts from SAS users

Great summaries of SAS Global Forum:

  1. SAS Global Forum 2012, by Dirk Van den Poel, Professor of Marketing, Modeling and Analytical CRM at Ghent University in Belgium.
  2. My SAS Global Forum 2012, by Gordon Cox, Technical Consultant, SAS
  3. My SGF12 timeline, by Richard Koopmann, (Succinct notes about each session he attended.)
  4. It is possible there was drinking: SAS Global Forum Day 1, by AnnMaria De Mars
  5. SAS Global Forum: Here’s the Wrap Up!, by Tricia Aanderud, SAS Author

Inspired and ready to work!

  1. Requirements. Whose Responsibility? #sasgf12, by Andy Ratcliffe, Managing Director of
  2. Text Miner = Coolness, by AnnMaria De Mars,
  3. Papers Without SAS?! #sasgf12, by Andy Ratcliffe, Managing Director of
  4. Bar chart with a log axis, “NEVER”! says the Biz Intel Guru, by John Munoz, Business Intelligence Consultant
  5. DS2: DATA Step evolved? by Andy Ratcliffe, Managing Director of

[I know that I've surely missed some great posts. Please let us all know about them in the comments. We are always looking for other great bloggers to follow!!]

How to find SAS posts

A quick and easy way to find SAS Global Forum posts on the SAS Users Groups blog is to click on the SAS Global Forum tag in the lower right nav. You can also favorite this URL:

You'll find that many of your other favorite SAS blogs, including The SAS Dummy, Key Happenings, The SAS Bookshelf, The SAS Training Post and others have SAS Global Forum tags and other SAS Users Groups event tags to make keeping up with event news easier.

Now for the video

Did you know that SAS Software has a YouTube channel? There is also a playlist for SAS Global Forum 2012. You can start with our Welcome video and watch right through until our bloopers and final credits. Check out the Inside SAS Global Forum 2012 videos!

You can also find a great video at that tells the story of why SAS users love to go to SAS Global Forum.

Lots of great information!! Have fun.


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