Congratulations Best Contributed Papers at SAS Global Forum


Congratulations to all of you who presented at SAS Global Forum. It takes a lot of hard work to put together the research, write a paper and presentation, and then stand on stage and present to a crowd of people you have never met. You are amazing.

From all of those papers, a select few are chosen as Best Contributed Papers.

Here's the list:

Applications Development - Best Contributed Paper

Use the Full Power of SAS in Your Function-Style Macros
Mike Rhoads

Applied Business Intelligence - Best Contributed Paper

Lost in Wonderland? Methodology for a Guided Drill-Through Analysis Out of the Rabbit Hole
Stephen Overton

Honorable Mention
Using SAS® Enterprise BI and SAS® Enterprise MinerTM to Reduce Student Attrition
Matt Bogard, Chris James, Tuesdi Helbig, Gina Huff

Coders' Corner - Best Contributed Paper

Proc Format, a Speedy Alternative to Sort / Sort / Merge
Jenine Milum

Data Management - Best Contributed Paper

Trend Analysis: An Automated Data Quality Approach for Large Health Administrative Databases
Mahmoud Azimaee

Data Mining and Text Analytics - Best Contributed Paper

Combining Datasets Using Exact Character Variables in SAS
Kulwant Rai

Operations Research - Best Contributed Paper

Using SAS® to Measure Airport Connectivity: An Application of Weighted Betweenness Centrality for the FAA National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)
Hector Rodriquez-Deniz  

Pharma and Health Care Providers - Best Contributed Paper

A Standard SAS® Program for Corroborating Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium Error Messages
John R. Gerlach, Ganesh Sankaran Thangavel

Planning and Support - Best Contributed Paper

Successfully On-Boarding SAS Analysts
Aaron Augustine  

Posters - Best Contributed Paper

Put a Little Zip in Your SAS® Program
Louise S. Hadden, Christianna Williams

2nd Place
Wake Up Your Data with Graph'n'Go
Christopher Battiston

Programming: Beyond the Basics - Best Contributed Paper

Seamless Reporting Automation through the Integration of JMP®, SAS®, and VBA
Rachel Poulsen, Raghunathan Chakravarthy

Programming: Foundations and Fundamentals- Best Contributed Paper

Selecting All Observations When Any Observation Is of Interest
Christopher J. Bost

Reporting and Information Visualization - Best Contributed Paper

Quick and Dirty Microsoft Excel Workbooks without Dynamic Data Exchange or the SAS® Output Delivery System
Andrea Wainwright-Zimmerman

SAS® Enterprise Guide®: Implementation and Usage - Best Contributed Paper

Case Study: Implementing and Administering SAS® Enterprise Guide® across the Enterprise as a Solution for Data Access Security
Linda Sullivan, Ulf Borjesson, Evangeline Collado, Maureen Murray

Social Media & Networking - Best Contributed Paper

Analyzing Sentiments in Tweets about Wal-Mart's Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Verdict Using SAS® Text Miner
Hari Hara Sudhan Duraidhayalu, Satish Garla, Goutam Chakraborty

Statistics and Data Analysis - Best Contributed Papers

Including the Salesperson Effect in Purchasing Behavior Models Using PROC GLIMMIX
Philippe Baecke, Dirk Van den Poel

Dynamically Evolving Systems: Cluster Analysis Using Time
David J. Corliss

Systems Architecture - Best Contributed Paper

Using Dynamic Views as a Supplement to SAS® Security to Enhance Multiple Levels of Access Requirements to Row-Level Data Upon SAS Server Startup
Christopher Bresson, Marty Flis


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