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I had an amazing time at SAS Global Forum this year, from the Tweet Up/Geek Out on Saturday night to the closing session where Chris Hemedinger cloned himself for a high-performance speech.

I had the great fortune of presenting a pre-conference workshop with Greg Nelson of Thotwave.  If you are in any healthcare field using SAS® and you aren’t familiar with Greg or Thotwave you are really missing out. Check out Thotwave on Twitter at @healthcare_bi or at the company website

I’ll end my shameless plug with that. Greg and I presented on SAS Administration: Understanding Architecture and Administration where we covered a huge variety of topics:

  • How SAS Works
  • What Servers are used for
  • Overall Architecture of the SAS System
  • Configuration, and other important files in the SAS System
  • Tuning SAS for your environment
  • Client options
  • SAS Security: both authentication and authorization
  • SAS/ACCESS Engine Configuration
  • Verifying your SAS Installation
  • Your Role as a SAS Administrator
  • Virtualization with SAS
  • Working with SAS Support
  • Managing Hot Fixes
  • Creating a SAS Competency Center
  • And even more…..!

It was quite an adventure to present this material - and even better to a full class!  Seeing so many SAS Administrators in one place was such an awesome sight. This year SAS Global Forum showed just how important that role has become. It’s great to see so much attention to such a critical role in the SAS community, and the continued support we at SAS and the whole SAS community are providing.

Here's my entry to the Instagram Planking contest. We Kentuckians get things wrong sometimes.

That was all done before the conference even officially opened.

The best part of any SAS conference is the people you catch up with or meet for the first time. I had a great time meeting with customers (especially the ones that I get to support as a member of PSD, Professional Services Delivery) and a ton of SAS Rock Stars starting at the Tweet Up/Geek Out and continuing throughout the week at some amazing presentations.

I got to meet so many amazing SAS Users, partners and employees. I look forward to talking and collaborating with all of them over the year until we can meet again at next year’s SAS Global Forum in San Francisco.

If you were not at SAS Global Forum this year, we all missed you and hope to see you next year. Until then, let's connect on Twitter. I'm @gtcox76.


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  3. Waynette Tubbs
    Waynette Tubbs on

    One of the things that makes me really, really jealous is that I was never able to catch up to Kirk and beg for one of the SAS Nerd ribbons. It is so cool that he had those made. <3

    • Waynette Tubbs
      Waynette Tubbs on

      You guys saw his Kentucky Planking, right? He's amazing for teaching a class the next morning at 8 a.m., but let's not get carried away with the stud talk. LOL

  4. Gordon, your SAS Admin presentation, despite being at 8 AM on Sunday morning after that late night Tweet up party, was the highlight of my experiences at SAS Global Forum 2012. And that's saying a lot considering all the cool events I was able to take part in! Thanks a ton for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge in the field.

    • Ken thanks so much for that! I had a great time hanging out with you I'll give you guys a heads up next time I'm in Raleigh!

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