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A successful trip to London

Those of you who read these posts regularly might remember I planned to attend Analytics 2013 in London. I did get to attend, and am back in the states (though not fully adjusted to the Eastern time zone). This was a wonderful conference. Three great keynote presentations, over 40 analytical

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Top 3 reasons to learn PROC TEMPLATE

We’re just coming back from SAS Global Forum, and what a show! SAS Books was there to provide users with the highest-quality resources for learning SAS, and our users were there to tell us what new books they were most looking forward to reading. Kevin Smith's PROC TEMPLATE Made Easy:

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The whys and hows of simulating data

When I told a friend that the title of my new book is Simulating Data with SAS, she asked, “Why would anyone want to simulate data?”  To her, data are measured or surveyed. Data tell us how big, how often, and how many.  Data indicate people’s opinions about politics and

SAS Events
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Headed to SAS Global Forum

It’s that time of year again, where I make my plans to head to SAS Global Forum. This year, the meeting is in San Francisco and, since I love this city, it makes me more excited than ever to meet with SAS friends. This user conference is planned and organized

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