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Michael A. Raithel 7
Artisan crafted SAS programs

Madison Avenue has a new phrase to describe the things they are trying to sell to us: artisan crafted.  These days, there are artisan crafted breads and rolls, artisan crafted beers, artisan crafted coffees, artisan crafted soaps, and a host of other artisan crafted products.  Artisan crafted seems to have

Shelley Sessoms 0
Looking for authors at Analytics 2014

For the second year in a row, I am headed to the European Analytics conference. This year the conference will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, June 4-5. Last year’s conference was so informative. I learned more about SAS’ analytical power, and I talked to many customers about the books that SAS

Aiman Zeid 0
There is more to using information than just the right technology

Aiman Zeid is the author of the new book, Business Transformation: A Roadmap for Maximizing Organizational Insights. Aiman heads Organizational Transformation Services for SAS Institute’s Global Business Consulting unit. He has helped numerous organizations on four continents evaluate their organizational maturity and readiness to deploy business analytics. In this Q&A,

SAS Jedi 0
Jedi in Paradise - SAS Global Forum 2014

I'll be at SAS Global Forum again this year. I do SO love SAS Global Forum and the opportunity to talk DATA step, SQL, Macro and DS2 programming with other SAS aficionados! I’d love to connect with you, so send me an email or a tweet (@SASJedi) or just stop

Learn SAS
Michael A. Raithel 0
SAS tourism

How do they spell “SAS” in Japan?  What does the Japanese version of the SAS Display Manager look like?  How is a SAS programming class conducted in Tokyo?  These may sound like pretty random questions, but I found myself wondering about them as I began preparing for my trip to

Kathy Council 12
The scoop on customers

This has not yet been publicly announced, but I’m too excited to keep it a secret. SAS recently created a new division devoted exclusively to customer support. The division’s name is Customer Engagement and Support (CES); its leader is Fritz Lehman and it consists of four divisions: Publications, Education, Technical

Murali Pagolu 0
Prepare yourself for Text Analytics

Text (aka unstructured) data is real, it’s huge, and it’s rapidly building up (both internally – at your company, and externally – on the web). You’ll only see more in the days to come. And guess what? If you are practicing traditional analytics at your company, foraying into unstructured data

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