Isn’t SAS Romantic?


When you think of SAS, do you think of romance? If not, then maybe this Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to change your mind!

We were all treated to a love story for the ages on the SAS Support Communities last year when a SAS user helped craft a marriage proposal using SAS. That’s what you get when you fall in love with a SAS programmer, and it should not be a surprise if they return their adoration by means of a SAS program!

Find that hard to believe?

Well, check out these contributions from some SAS coders who are not afraid to wear their heart on their screen!

Still not convinced?

If you still don’t think that SAS is romantic, then maybe a romance novel will change your mind. SAS plays a pivotal role in the best-selling novel, The Kiss Quotient, which has also been optioned for a movie! The main character, a SAS programmer, hires a boyfriend to teach her how to be in a relationship, and along the way, discovers secrets in data about love. (Warning: NSFW material!)

Yes – I know - SAS has not been an acronym for a long time, but you get the gist.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about those who are less romantically inclined! You can browse our selection of SAS Books which can help you make a start, or reinforce, your love of SAS coding. We have all kinds of books from getting started to data mining, take a look – it could be love at first sight!

And finally, a short poem from us here at SAS Press in the spirit of romance:

Roses are red, violets are blue,

I’m a SAS programmer,

And you could be too!


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Sian is currently Publisher at SAS Press. She has over 20 years of publishing and marketing experience in technology and holds a BEng in Electronic Engineering from Brunel University, London, UK, and a MSc in Cognitive Science & Intelligent Computing from the University of Westminster, London, UK. When Sian is not busily leading SAS Press, she is a devoted soccer/baseball mom to her two boys and walking Chuck, the family chocolate lab.

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  1. I love this post! I’m not a programmer but I was born programed to love everything and everyone. I love Pi and Pies!

  2. Thank you! And we're SO excited too that y'all just signed up for a sixth edition of the Little SAS Book! Should be out just in time for Xmas! :)

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