11 new SAS Press titles for 2017


Whether your resolution is to get SAS certified or to become a more advanced SAS programmer, we’ve got you covered with these new titles and upcoming SAS Press books, many of which will be making their bookshelf debut at SAS® Global Forum 2017 in Orlando, FL!

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SAS Press Titles for 2017
1  -  SAS(R) ODS Graphics Designer by Example: A Visual Guide to Creating Graphs Interactively by Sanjay Matange and Jeanette Bottitta illustrates the features of the ODS Graphics Designer. The designer application lets you, the analyst, create graphs interactively so that you can focus on the analysis, and not on learning graph syntax. This book will take you step-by-step through the features of the designer, providing you with examples of graphs that are commonly used for the analysis of data in the health care, life sciences, and finance industries.

2  -  Implementing CDISC Using SAS®: An End-to-End Guide, Second Edition by Chris Holland and Jack Shostak updates the first comprehensive book on applying clinical research data and metadata to the 2017 CDISC standards.

3  -  An Introduction to SAS® Visual Analytics: How to Explore Numbers, Design Reports, and Gain Insight into Your Data by Tricia Aanderud, Rob Collum, and Ryan Kumpfmiller shows you how you can use SAS® Visual Analytics to transform your complex data into knowledge with meaningful, customized visualizations. This book gives you the ability to access, prepare, and present your data from anywhere and will help anyone learn to make sense of complex data, leading you to smarter, data-driven decisions without writing a single line of code – unless you want to! (1st Quarter 2017)

4  -  SAS® Viya™: The Python Perspective by Kevin D. Smith and Xiangxiang Meng explains how to use Python to drive SAS Viya by directly connecting to the back-end analytics engine: CAS. CAS (Cloud Analytic Services) is a fault-tolerant, high-performance analytic platform that can be installed in many environments (desktop, computing grid, cloud). It is used by various SAS applications, but also has an API accessible from languages such as Java and Python. (1st Quarter 2017)

5  -  Business Survival Analysis Using SAS(R): An Introduction to Lifetime Probabilities by Jorge Ribeiro shows professionals with little modeling experience how to apply survival analysis to the world of business. The examples in this book show how to apply models for people with low modelling experience, and present techniques for analysts in a way that avoids high-level theoretical considerations. Graduates of economics, business, and marketing programs, as well as analysts who work in areas such as credit risk, will benefit from this book! (1st Quarter 2017)

6  -  Market Data Analysis Using JMP(R) by Walter Paczkowski is a unique example-driven book because it has a specific application focus: market data analysis. Anyone who works with market data will benefit from reading and studying this book, then using JMP to apply the dynamic analytical concepts to their market data. This book can be used as a stand-alone resource for working professionals, or as a supplement to a business school course in market data research.

7  -  Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP, Second Edition, by Ron Klimberg and B.D. McCullough bridges the gap between courses on basic statistics, which focus on univariate and bivariate analysis, and course on data mining/predictive analytics. It also provides the technical knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to perform real data multivariate analysis.

8  -  Style and Statistics: The Art of Retail Analytics by Brittany Bullard teaches you how to interpret data in a way that's useful to the average end business user or shopper. You can dig deeper into the customer's needs, wants, and dreams; streamline merchandise management, pricing, marketing, and more; find solutions for inefficiencies and inaccuracies; and leverage the benefits of analytics to boost your personal career.

9  -  Economic Modeling in the Post Great Recession Era: Incomplete Data, Imperfect Markets by John Silvia, Azhar Iqbal, and Sarah House is for everyone frustrated with the inefficacy of forecasting in an environment dramatically different from how we're led to believe markets will behave. It demonstrates how to apply statistical tools and techniques to demystify the unfamiliar characteristics and trends at play every day in today's markets.

10  -  Intelligent Credit Scoring: Building and Implementing Better Credit Risk Scorecards, Second Edition by Naeem Siddiqi explores how in-house scorecard development is not only a rapidly growing trend, it's also faster, less expensive, and enables companies to create better-performing scorecards by applying firsthand knowledge of internal data and business insights. This book takes you beyond the technical part of building scorecards and shows you how to apply business intelligence to the process in order to solve business problems. (1st Quarter 2017)

11  -  Strategies in Biomedical Data Science: Driving Force for Innovation by Jay A. Etchings gives medical and IT professionals an authoritative place to turn to for up-to-date guidance and best practices on managing the ever-increasing amount of healthcare data created each day. (1st Quarter 2017)

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  1. Great list! You persuaded me to sign up for the monthly email. Any idea if Strategies in Biomedical Data Science: Driving Force for Innovation is SAS-specific, or generally about data science methods in the biomedical industry?

    • Hi Ron! Good catch! Since this blog was focused on new titles, I did not list new editions, but you are right---we do have several new editions publishing this year, including the newest edition of the Data Cleaning book, which will be updated to explore many newer features of SAS such as the PRX functions and new modifiers for the COMPARE function! Readers can sign up to receive exclusive discount offers and information about all of our newest books here: http://support.sas.com/en/learn-sas/subscribe-books.html

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