The road to SAS Global Forum: A training Q&A with the SAS Jedi


The journey continues as we hear from the instructors for each of the courses being offered on Thursday and Friday, April 21 and 22 after SAS Global Forum.

Next up is Mark Jordan who developed and will teach the Introduction to DS2 and Hadoop course.

  1. Why should people get excited about this course?

Are you good with SAS but new to Hadoop and wondering how they fit together? Learn enough Hadoop to get you started and enough about DS2 to supercharge your data preparation programs – and get a little hands-on experience along the way! DS2 is a new SAS programming language that integrates the power and control of the DATA step with the ease, flexibility and rich data type palette of SQL. Like so many things in SAS, DS2 plays well with many data sources, but it is exceptionally well suited for manipulating data on massively parallel platforms (MPPs) like Hadoop and Teradata.

Learn how DS2 gives you the power to:

  • Process traditional SAS data sets and data tables containing full-precision ANSI data types in the same DS2 DATA program
  • Easily create and share reusable code modules using DS2 packages
  • Safely and easily parallel process multiple rows of data simultaneously using DS2 DATA and THREAD programs on the base SAS platform. You’ll need nothing but base SAS!
  1. Who would get the most out of attending this course?

Anyone proficient with the base SAS DATA step, who has a basic understanding of SQL, and wants to supercharge your data processing programs - this is the course is for you! Don’t worry if you don’t know too much about Hadoop – we’ll cover the very basics and include everything you’ll need to know to use DS2 for processing Hadoop data.

  1. Is there a book that might benefit students who are planning to attend either class?

My new book, Mastering SAS: Advanced Data Wrangling with PROC will be available in late May, but you can preview it at the SAS Press booth in the quad. Another great book is The DS2 Procedure: SAS Programming Methods at Work. Anyone attending this course at SAS Global Forum will receive a 40% discount..@SASJedi explains the benefits of his DS2 and #Hadoop courses avail @ #SASGF Click To Tweet

  1. Tell us about you; is this your first SAS Global Forum or are you a veteran? What are you most looking forward to in Las Vegas?

I have been a SAS programmer for 22 years, SAS employee for 13 and SAS instructor for 10. I have enjoyed attending this conference for many years. This year, I am excited to meet new SAS users and learn about all the awesome things they are doing with SAS. I also hope to meet some SAS users from Brazil so I can practice my Portuguese!

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      The course is being offered in Las Vegas on April 22 after the SAS Global Forum conference. There is a fee for the course, but it's offered at a significant discount.

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