Celebrating 25 years writing for SAS Press


Of course it has not really been 25 years of SAS Press, but more like 30 or so.  But it has been 25 years of the publishing of SAS books by SAS users.  What started as “Books by Users” with only a few titles has grown into what is now known as SAS Press with hundreds of titles covering all aspects of the use of SAS software.

It was in the early 1990s when David Baggett, then the Acquisitions Editor of the fledgling Books by Users program talked me into authoring my first book (I was reluctant – he was persuasive).  With dreams of fame, fortune, and interviews with Oprah swirling in my head,  I accepted, and my first book title, Quick Results with SAS/GRAPH® Software (coauthored with Charles E. Shipp), was published in 1995.  It was fun writing that first book, and it was followed over the next 20 years by four other book titles. Four other books on other aspects of SAS, and I am currently working on the third edition of Carpenter’s Complete Guide to the SAS® Macro Language.  And it is still fun.

The books published by SAS Press continue to be valued, because books written by those that use the software tend to have a special value to those who use SAS software.  They convey a message using language that the user of the software understands.  When you are trying to learn some aspect about SAS it is incredibly helpful to read something that has been written by an author who ”has been there.”

As we celebrate 25 years of SAS Publishing, let’s celebrate the opportunities afforded to us as authors and as readers by SAS Press.

By the way, I am still waiting for Oprah’s call.

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Editor's note: Art Carpenter’s blog is part of a series of blogs we'll be posting this year to celebrate the 25 years of SAS Press. We're also marking this milestone by offering customers 25 percent off their entire order from the SAS Bookstore. Use promo code SMPBBP. Discount ends Dec. 31, 2015. 


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Art Carpenter

California Occidental Consultants

Art Carpenter’s publications list includes five books, and numerous papers and posters presented at SUGI, SAS Global Forum, and other user group conferences. He is also the general editor of "Art Carpenter's SAS Software Series". He has been using SAS® since 1977 and has served in various leadership positions in local, regional, national, and international user groups. He is a SAS Certified Advanced Professional Programmer and through California Occidental Consultants he teaches SAS courses and provides contract SAS programming support nationwide. Art is a member of the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board and is the immediate past President of the San Diego SAS Users Group. His 30 year SAS Circle of Excellence customer recognition profile can be found on SAS.com.

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    • I too amd looking forward to the 3rd edition ;-)
      In it I am expanding the advanced topic sections, especially on dynamic programming techniques.

      Thanks for noting the broken link. It is now fixed.

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