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We've been busy this year producing books for SAS users. Take a look at our Upcoming Titles list. These are just a few of the titles we have going right now.

You've seen me promote specific topics throughout the year. Now is your chance to tell me where your experience lies, and what knowledge you can share with the rest of the SAS community. Send me a note telling me about your idea for a SAS Press book. I'll follow up with everyone, and we'll see how your idea might fit in our library. For those who make it through the proposal process, you just might see your name on this list during next year's wrap up!


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Shelley Sessoms

Online Community Manager

Shelley Sessoms is a Community Manager in SAS’ External Communications group. She joined SAS in 2002, and has worked in both the Communications group and SAS Press. Shelley is a true "connector" at heart and is thrilled to be working with SAS customers.

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