Mapping ESRI Style


The SAS Business Intelligence suite includes the ability to map data via the ESRI Map Service within various web clients (and even Enterprise Guide).


  1. Create an ESRI Map via ArcMap
  2. Publish to ArcGIS Server via ArcCatalog
  3. Define a New Map Service in SAS Management Console
  4. Set a cube dimension as 'GEO' and link the source data for the cube to the source data for the ESRI Map
  5. View the Map via Web Report Studio or Web OLAP Viewer Reports

Ensure that each level in the ArcMap includes a data element that matches up to a column in the cube's source data. Developing these two sources requires planning as these joins are critical in getting the map to display correctly.

Software Requirements:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • SAS Business Intelligence Suite with OLAP



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