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SAS Talks: You listening?

My most-visited blog post of 2009 discusses how SAS programmers can use SAS Enterprise Guide effectively. Next Thursday (17Dec2009), I'll be discussing this topic live in the next installment of the SAS Talks series. It's a webinar presentation, where you can listen to me talk, watch me demonstrate the software,

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SAS 9.2 support for Windows Server 2008

When I said the release was imminent, I wasn't kidding. It's now available. With SAS 9.2 Maintenance 2 we now have support for Windows Server 2008 (in addition to what we already had for SAS 9.1.3). This 9.2 Maintenance release also has various fixes and improvements not only to the

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SAS 9.1.3 on Windows Server 2008

I get this question all of the time on the discussion forum and this blog, so I feel I should help to spread the news. SAS now supports SAS 9.1.3 SP4 on Windows 2008 (32-bit edition). Here is the official statement. Update 07Oct2009: I changed this to indicate that the

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They love us in Japan

At least, they will love us when they see that we've translated the SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 tutorial into Japanese and put it on the SAS support site. We've also got three flavors of Chinese (zh-TW, zh-CN, zh-HK) and Korean now available. These new editions join the Italian, German, Spanish,

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Let's just call it 5 out of 5, shall we?

I was recently reviewing our most popular samples that we publish on support.sas.com, and I came across this one showing unusual uses for the ROUND function. As well as gathering lots of visits, this sample has also earned a very respectable rating by you, the readers. I note that we

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SAS product pages from A to Z

From SAS/ACCESS (for working with databases) to SAS/ZODIAC* (for cranking out horoscopes), you'll be able to learn all you need to know about SAS products with the new product pages on support.sas.com. As of today, we're featuring just a handful of popular products within these pages. The product pages serve

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1000-thread count

No, this is not about a super-expensive set of bed linens. It's about the 1000th thread (discussion topic) in the SAS Enterprise Guide discussion forum. This discussion forum began as a pilot program over two years ago, with SAS Enterprise Guide and ODS and Base Reporting among the first two