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Overheard in the SAS discussion forums

There are some interesting conversations going on in the SAS discussion forums. Don't be left out: go have your say, today! Prairie dogs are red-green colorblind. They can't tell the difference between ERRORs and WARNINGs in their SAS logs. But this SAS user can. Read: WARNINGS, NOTES...Why the heck did

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Thanks for your support of our support

Congratulations to the support.sas.com team for a successful update to the SAS customer support center. I hope you'll agree with me that the new look is clean and attractive, and I think you'll find the site is easier to use now. I have the privilege of participating on the committee

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A free lunch for your brain

The SAS OnDemand for Academics offering has brought to light some tremendous resources for learning SAS, and you don't have to be a professor or student to take advantage of them. One such resource is the SAS Online Resources for Statistics Education. If you've wondered how to start using SAS