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Once more, with feeling

I'm a computer geek -- much more comfortable behind a keyboard than in front of a camera. But I was glad to put on a nice shirt and visit the SAS video studio so that I could record this message for SAS customers: how does SAS R&D work to support

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Keeping the spark alive with SAS Enterprise Guide

Robert Springborn has a special relationship with his SAS software. Like many long-time SAS users, Robert’s livelihood depends upon his advanced skills with SAS technology, as well as his analytical expertise. He’s been using SAS for over 28 years, which means when it comes to writing SAS programs, he’s comfortable

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"SAS Talks" is home

The SAS Talks series is a big hit, and now we've got a landing page where you can find previously recorded talks, plus information about upcoming talks. You can learn about SAS programming with SAS Enterprise Guide, ODS statistical graphics, fancy multi-sheet output for Microsoft Excel from SAS, and more!

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Just testing!

Yesterday, we at SAS performed a little experiment, unintentionally. Who would notice (we wondered in retrospect) if we disabled one of our discussion forums on support.sas.com? As we learned: a lot of people would notice. There was a technical glitch that broke the SAS Enterprise Guide discussion forum for much