Still using SAS Enterprise Guide 2.x? Don't panic.


Recently our support site has raised awareness that SAS Enterprise Guide 2.0 (and related releases 2.05 and 2.1) will "expire" at the end of this year. If we wanted to learn how many customers are still using this release of software, this was an effective way to do it. We've heard from quite a few.

First of all, if you are among those still using EG 2.x, don't panic. SAS Technical Support can provide you with a patch that will keep your software running. This is SAS: we wouldn't leave you in a lurch.

But you should consider upgrading to SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1. We released EG 2.0 initially around September 2002 and we released our last hotfix for it in May 2003. We released EG 4.1 around April of 2006, and we still support the 4.1 release with hotfixes as needed. I expect that we will continue to support the 4.1 release even as we release the 4.2 version early next year.

Are you worried whether EG 4.1 can support your legacy systems, including SAS 8.2? It can. Here is a matrix of SAS Enterprise Guide releases and their supported environments.

Support environment 2.0/2.05/2.1 3.02 4.1 4.2
Supports SAS 8.2 Yes Yes Yes No
Supports SAS 9.1.3 Yes Yes Yes No
Supports SAS 9.2 No No Local only Yes
Supports Windows 2000 Yes Yes Yes No
Supports Windows XP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports Windows Vista No No Yes Yes
Supports 64-bit Windows (XP and Vista) No No No Yes
Supports Enterprise Guide Repository Yes Yes Yes No
Supports SAS Metadata Repository No Yes Yes Yes
Reads version 1.3/2.0 projects (SEG files) Yes Yes Yes No
Supports Visual Basic 6 add-ins (COM) Yes Yes Yes No
Supports .NET-based add-ins No Yes Yes Yes

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Director, SAS User Engagement

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