Meetup #5 - PyData Südwest and SAS together in January


Next meetup with PyData Südwest (supported also by Königsweg) at SAS on 9 January 2020. The presenter will be Jeremy Tuloup. He will talk about Voilà, which is one of the latest additions to the Jupyter ecosystem and can be used to turn Jupyter notebooks into standalone web applications and dashboards. Built upon Jupyter standard protocols and file formats, Voilà works with any Jupyter kernel (C++, Python, Julia), making it a language-agnostic dashboarding system. Voilà also supports Jupyter interactive widgets, including the roundtrips to the kernel.

Jeremy will introduce Voilà and its execution model, as well as typical use cases for dashboard authors, and will then invite you to a workshop to set up an environment for Voilà. You will create the first Voilà dashboards, deploy the Voilà dashboard to Binder with, deploy to Heroku: Using the Heroku command-line tool, Using the Heroku extension for JupyterLab

Meetup SAS and PyData Südwest
Meetup with pizza at 7.30 - SAS

At 6pm we will open the doors

You are invited to take a shuttle from Heidelberg Main Station at 5.25 pm to the venue in case you travel from outside of Heidelberg. We will serve pizza at 7.30 pm and cold drinks during the entire evening. If you have an interesting topic for a 20 minutes lightning talk, please feel free to contact us: or Jan-Benedik Jagusch or jump to, where Jan has already posted the event.

Who is Jeremy? He is a Scientific Software Developer at QuantStack. He holds a master’s degree in computer science and engineering from INSA Lyon. As an open-source developer, Jeremy contributes to JupyterLab and has authored several JupyterLab extensions. He also works on Voilà. Prior to joining QuantStack, Jeremy worked at Ubisoft and Wooga on the game engine and data tools.

Meetup SAS and PyData Südwest
Jeremy Tuloup
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