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Building blocks for business breakthroughs

A new global study -- “The Analytics Mandate” -- from MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS revealed that culture is the most important factor in achieving success with analytics. The research also points out that the talents that organizations acquire contribute to and shape internal culture. The managers surveyed in

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Big data: What the hellabyte?

According to entrepreneur Gilad Elbaz, “The world is one big data problem.” And as a big data researcher and writer, Andrew McAfee is staking his career on it. McAfee spoke to a crowd of business and industry executives at The Premier Business Leadership Series in Orlando, FL, to put the topic

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The Series: Eclectic event for senior executives

Developing long-term, trusted business relationships doesn’t just happen.  At the most senior levels, business takes place face-to-face.  It’s about making true connections, sharing ideas, and connecting with the right people.  The Premier Business Leadership Series (PBLS) offers just such an opportunity, a chance for business executives to build connections with

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Malcolm Gladwell: Incompetence annoys, overconfidence terrifies

Malcolm Gladwell, writer for The New Yorker  and the best-selling author of Blink and The Tipping Point, delivered an excellent closing speech at the Premier Business Leadership Series in Amsterdam, with his cautionary tale on the possible effects of having "perfect information." The bestselling author talked about the dangers of expert failure, and the

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