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How Hadoop emerged and why it gained mainstream traction

In the world of IT, very few new technologies emerge that are not built on what came before, combined with a new, emerging need or idea. The history of Hadoop is no exception. To understand how Hadoop came to be, we therefore need to understand what went before Hadoop that led to its creation. To understand

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When does speed become a trap?

For many years companies have been working to increase their use of predictive analytics and to execute analytic models faster on increasingly granular and growing volumes of data. Recently, there has been a great focus on "faster" from a  technology standpoint, as modelers seek to iterate quickly and fail fast on

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How are Hadoop deployments like snowflakes?

Because every single Hadoop deployment, like the structure of a snowflake, is different. For the open source big data framework, there are different distributions from various Hadoop vendors and all implementations are, or should be, tailored for that specific organization’s needs. And given this infinite variety of Hadoop foundations, the analytics

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Energized about energy

I’ve been told I have rocks for brains before, but right now I have rocks on the brain – the kind that are millions of years old and contain precious stores of oil and gas. One reason I have petroleum on my mind is that I’ve just returned from Brazil, where

Citigroup and AIG talk big data

Jill Dyché, internationally recognized speaker, author and business consultant, spends her days talking to businesses about big data – how they’re using it, challenges, successes, strategies, plans and more. What she’s hearing again and again from IT leaders is that they have to innovate with big data, move quickly and

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Big data lessons from Google Flu Trends

The Google Flu Trends application has received negative press since 2013 over its inability to accurately detect flu outbreaks. The latest critique, “The Parable of Google Flu: Traps in Big Data Analysis,” from Science magazine compares Google Flu Trends data to CDC data and dissects where the Google analysis went

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What can a skateboarder teach you about Hadoop?

Have you ever wondered how extracting value from big data might be like skateboarding?  Really, it never crossed your mind? Actually, to be honest I had never considered it either, not even one little bit.  At least, not until I watched a skateboarding legend explain, “The Art of Good Practice”

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Big Data… What it means to you

From time-to-time marketers, journalist, and thought leaders find ways to describe things in a new way.  It’s a time-honored tradition guaranteed to attract eyeballs and sell books.  Lately there has been a lot of buzz about the Internet of X, a way of describing a uniquely identifiable collection of objects

David Pope 1
Twas the night before big data

Twas the night before "big data," when all through the data center Not an IT supervisor was stirring, not even the help desk on-call. The servers where all humming along nicely in hopes Big data would soon be there.   The business users were nestled all snug in their offices

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