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Internet of Things
Anne Belder 9
Why we need digital banks

We often hear from retail bank customers that they aren't satisfied with the revenue captured through digital channels. It was therefore with great interest that I embarked on the mission to understand Chris Skinner’s book Digital Bank. Why we need digital banks The book starts by painting the landscape of

Barrie Neill 0
In a small (and uncertain) world

The start of the year seems to have been full of uncertainty for European financial markets. This seems to apply to everything from Greek debt to bankers’ bonuses and, despite access to so much information about what is happening globally, it remains difficult to understand what is certain fact and

Waynette Tubbs 1
How to market to the Einsteiners - Generation Z

You've heard of them - even if you haven't heard them called Generation Einsteiners yet. According to Conny Dorrestijn, Co-Founder of CrossFinance, this generation (most of them just entering high school) is the first since World War II to experience real crisis. This idea may be debated by many who see

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