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Data Management
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A must-read for petroleum professionals

Oil companies are being forced to explore in geologically complex and remote areas to exploit more unconventional hydrocarbon deposits.  New engineering technology has pushed the envelope of previous upstream experience.  No guidebook existed on how computing methodologies can contribute to E&P performance at reduced risk.  Until now. A new book

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Only leaders can transform organizations

When the Apple Macintosh hit the market, analysts were not impressed. But Steve Jobs’ vision ended up transforming our lives. Apple is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and has become a global household name. Jobs’ ability to direct his organization to develop easy to use products not only met

Analytics | Customer Intelligence
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Valentine’s Day might be romantic, but making money off it requires data driven decision-making

Valentine’s Day is one of those make-or-break holidays for gift retailers. They are selling "nice to have" items, not necessities. Many use some type of analytics to segment customers for personalized messages. It's not as straightforward as it sounds, especially if the organization hasn't committed to an enterprise-wide approach to

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Best practice #10: publicize the system

We have come very far in our journey (I started this series in March) to the 10 best practices from education customers for information management, reporting and analytics. Lets’ recap our journey of the previous nine blogs: Securing executive sponsorship. Identifying and involving stakeholders early and assessing their unique needs.

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