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Blogger dream job

When I first read the title of the post, "Fantasy Business Blog Vision," I thought maybe the author had a vision for a fantasy blog league. You know, instead of a fantasy baseball league. Stats would be culled from Digg, Technorati, The Truth Laid Bear and other sites, and the

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Riding Harry's coattails

In just about a month SAS for Dummies will hit the bookstore shelves. As a coauthor of the book, I certainly hope that it becomes popular; but I know that it will be dwarfed by the inevitable success of the final Harry Potter book which is due out just one

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Can statistics recognize racial bias?

Research from a University of Pennsylvania professor and a Cornell University graduate student says yes, according to the New York Times (registration required). Judging by comments on the article, many Times readers disagree. In 2005, when the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) award raised similar questions, three Southeastern economists turned

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Is this one of those blog things?

Kevin Hillstrom poses some good questions about corporate blogging in this scenario: This morning, your strategic issue is the development of a corporate blog. Your executive team has many points of view ... How would you navigate these differing points of view? Given the information offered here, what would you

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SAS Global Forum papers and presentations

I've noticed a few searchers showing up here looking for SAS Global Forum presentations, so I thought I'd provide some links that might help: Search Conference Proceedings: official conference site that houses proceedings as far back as SUGI 22. Proceedings for the 2007 conference are still being compiled. SAS Paper

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HMG's Response to the Fraud Review

On the 15th March 2007 the UK Government (through the Attorney General) gave its response (pdf) to the Fraud Review Final Report, which represents the first comprehensive and holistic review of fraud and anti fraud efforts in England and Wales. In short, the Government has accepted all the major recommendations

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Feeling the energy

After days, weeks, months spent sitting behind a computer I sometimes have a hard time envisioning our customers. This can be bad because I write newsletters designed for them every month. I respond to their email inquiries...but sometimes can't picture a face to go along with a name. Today, I