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No fairy tales here

I'm writing from the freezing cold press room in a resort in sunny Orlando, Florida, where SAS is hosting its annual customer and executive conference, SAS Global Forum. Amid the buzz from journalists arranging interviews with SAS customers, executives and industry thought leaders like Guy Kawasaki and Thornton May, I

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Live from SAS Global Forum 2007

Kelly LeVoyer, the Editorial Director for sascom magazine will be posting her thoughts live from SAS Global Forum later today. Other SAS Global Forum attendees who might share their thoughts from the conference include Shelley Sessoms, Editor of the SAS Tech Report and Chris Hemedinger, whom you've already met. Who

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BI in the public sector

I've read lots of coverage recently about the new Butler Group report that says public sector agencies could be making better use of business intelligence. That's good to know and not too surprising - but how? Peter Dorrington, head of industry marketing strategy at SAS UK, has a few ideas.

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Whose rules? The business rules.

In this recent DM Review article, Robert Blasum does a good job of defining and describing "business rules" and explaining why they matter in business intelligence. I'm linking to it because I remember this being a term that confused me for a long time when I first started working at

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Puzzling presentations

Okay, you've got the leading analytical and business intelligence software at your fingertips: how can you use it to impress your friends and colleagues? Well, for one thing, you can use it to solve your Sudoku puzzle. I'm preparing my presentation for SAS Global Forum: "Extending SAS Enterprise Guide and

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Why I'm not in marketing

  I was searching for a metaphor to introduce SAS user conference attendees to SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office. Press PLAY on the video to see what I came up with. I premiered this movie at a recent SAS conference in Atlanta (hey, there was even a tie-in with the

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E-mail. They say it's not for fun anymore.

First I read the post, I only use email to communicate with old people. Then I came across the speech, Incantations for Muggles: The Role of Ubiquitous Web 2.0 Technologies in Everyday Life, from social media expert danah boyd where she says: These days, email is primarily a tool for

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It's not just about the Paycheck

I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but I've come to realize over the years that I often believe that what I'm thinking is completely and totally unique, where unique is a polite term for off-beat or unusual. And where nobody else could possibly have had this thought before, and