In honor of Women's History Month, SAS organized various events to celebrate and empower women. Keep reading to see how we highlighted women's contributions and achievements in various fields.

Fair Play discussion

Fair Play makes the “invisible care” work historically held by women visible, inspiring a more balanced future for all. A diverse panel, including representation from each of the SAS Employee Inclusion Groups, shared their perspectives on the topic. Women from all stages of life spoke about their challenges and overcoming them. Attendees were left with tangible actions to positively change their personal and professional relationships.

After the event, there were follow-up discussions from the different topic areas that came out of the discussion.

Coffee and a Coach

For International Women’s Day, local chapters of the Women's Iniative Network (WIN) in EMEA & AP hosted a virtual "Coffee and a Coach." This event highlighted all the different and amazing cultures within the EMEA-AP region. To embrace these cultures and understand each other better, we need to start with a better understanding of ourselves, and the WIN chapters across EMEA & AP are here to support that purpose. Mindset and Leadership Coach Gillian Wilson kicked off the meeting with an inspirational talk about how to know and appreciate yourself. Following her, a panel of incredible SAS women from the EMEA AP region talked about their views on these topics.

     BIG Friday Discussions

The Black Initiative Group (BIG) at SAS held multiple events during the month of March. In the first few sessions, they discussed domestic violence and how we must work to advocate and support victims. The group also hosted a talk from Daisy Magnus-Aryitey of Code the Dream to hear about how she went from a student in the initial Code the Dream pilot to becoming Director of Code the Dream and finally Board Vice-Chair. Lastly, the BIG group had a session to celebrate the life, words, stories, and songs of the greatest female artists.

SAS supports women in law enforcement 30x30 Initiative

Currently, women comprise only 13% of sworn officers and 3% of police leadership in the US. The 30x30 Initiative aims to increase the representation of women in police recruit classes to 30% by 2030 and to ensure police policies and culture intentionally support the success of qualified women officers throughout their careers. SAS is contributing training and technology to help the organization reach its goals.

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Women’s empowerment day

The Women Empowerment Day 2023 online event addressed topics such as motherhood, women's rights, health and well-being and the difficulty of embracing vulnerabilities. All sessions approached the need to be a “superwoman” and meet society's expectations. The lineup was full of great women from SAS, clients and other special guests sharing their stories. In the keynote session called "I fell a few times but I was born to get up," the former Olympic gymnast Lais Souza talked about her most iconic fall, which occurred just a week before her first Winter Olympic Games. "My career as an athlete made me wake up to the life I live today, which is the life of a quadriplegic person. I've become stronger," said Lais.


Need some music for your workout? Check out the playlist we made for Women’s History Month: Playlist

Interested in checking out more of the women’s initiatives at SAS?

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