For hospitals, managing inventory is an ongoing logistical challenge. The right equipment in the right spot is essential for safe and efficient hospital operations.

That's why hospitals around the world turn to Blyott. Blyott is a plug-and-play machine learning and modular real-time-location-services (RTLS) provider. Their technology tracks the location of hospital equipment in real-time using Bluetooth location services.


Blyott's technology collects large amounts of data for each client, but they also needed a way to effectively analyze that information. Partnering with SAS allowed them to create valuable insights for their customers. SAS is fully integrated with the Blyott solution, and now it can offer its customers more ways to optimize their operations.

Here's a look at three of the ways Blyott and SAS are helping hospitals work more efficiently:

1. Identify if assets are being over or underutilized

With SAS, Blyott can show which items are used and where and how often. Gery Pollet, Managing Director of Blyott, said, "Using SAS, we can identify if assets are under or overutilized based upon their movements throughout the hospital. So if a hospital wants to buy three extra bladder scanners, we can show why this is a need."

2. Predict supply shortages

Advanced analytics helps hospitals predict supply shortages of key items like wheelchairs. With these predictions, hospital employees can plan and prevent delays in patient care. The hospital can analyze patient flows to optimize the experience.

3. Share data between hospital employees

The Blyott solution also gives hospital employees access to easy-to-create dashboards. These dashboards can then be shared between employees for easy access to information. With these dashboards, teams can work together more efficiently.

Check out how SAS and Blyott are helping Jan Yperman Hospital in Belgium operate more efficiently.


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