For more than 40 years, we’ve experienced countless great moments with our customers.  From helping them solve the world’s most critical problems, to celebrating at our annual SAS Global Forum kickback party, we cherish every experience as much as you do. 

We continually focus on how to better engage with the wide variety of individuals who rely on SAS technology and solutions. As a result, our events strategy has continually changed and adapted.  From SAS Users Group International (SUGI) in the early days to SAS Global Forum; from PBLS to Analytics Experience, our premier analytics events have brought together our dedicated user base, industry leaders, partners and SAS professionals year after year. 

The past two years are driving changes for all of us.  How we work, live, communicate and learn has drastically evolved.  Just as we did with company operations, SAS continues to evaluate how we will manage in-person events in a post-pandemic and digitally engaged world. These societal changes led SAS to re-imagine our events strategy, how we deliver content and training, and how to best support our customers in the years ahead. 

We celebrate that many SAS users have 2022 plans to gather in person at the local and regional level, thanks to the efforts of dedicated leaders and volunteers. At SAS we are collaborating with these event efforts to help bring the best user content to in-person experiences where it is safe to do so. 

What does this mean?   

We have a new approach to our global events. Starting in 2022, we are moving from a single flagship event each year to the following premier event lineup: 

This event strategy will allow us to develop more tailored content and experiences for each audience, giving these groups a more valuable experience at the event and throughout the year.  The collaboration with the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board and the conference teams have been an integral part of SAS Global Forum over the years. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the user community for SAS Explore to build relevant session content for this audience.  

The name and structure of our events may be changing, but one thing remains constant:  SAS’ commitment to our user community.   

Please keep an eye out for future communications regarding event logistics, registration, and agendas.  


About Author

Jenn Chase

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO, Jenn Chase is responsible for leading Analyst Relations, Corporate Communications, Creative, Digital, Events, Customer Contact Centers and Go-to-Market teams around the world. Her 20-year journey at SAS, spanning R&D and marketing, has earned her a reputation of being data driven – often referred to as analytically curious! Along the way, Jenn has guided the modernization of marketing, aligned regional marketing efforts and strengthened collaboration between marketing and sales while cultivating a strong customer focus. Her belief is that great companies possess an intense desire to deliver experiences that far exceed their customers’ expectations every day. Leading by example, Jenn strives to integrate data and analytics to create experiences that are purposeful and lasting.


  1. Altan Atabarut on

    SAS’ "continuous" commitment to our user community... Great to see this rather than a single event.
    Creates many opportunities to communicate with clients, partners and prospects...

  2. With SAS Global Forum no longer happening, what conference is recommended for Administrators?

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