Our analytics and AI predictions for 2020


We've made it to the halfway point of January, which means most of the industry's annual predictions have been published. Who's guessing what? And how should you prepare for the year ahead?

From dark data to hyperpersonalization, analytics is at the core of all these predictions. SAS experts have been featured in many of these AI and analytics predictions pieces, showcasing trends and expertise across industries. Keep reading to know what to watch for and what to expect in your industry.

Big Data Predictions: What 2020 Will Bring | Datanami

“The promise of big data never came from simply having more data – and from more sources – but by being able to develop analytical models to gain better insights on this data. With all the work being done to advance the work of analytics, AI and ML, it is all for naught if organizations do not have a data management program in place that can access, integrate, cleanse and govern all this data,” says Todd Wright, head of data management and data privacy solutions at SAS.

Data and analytics in 2020: Industry predictions | ZDNet

Foundations for AI will be built in the cloud, governance frameworks will be crucial, and data technologies will converge, according to this ZDNet article.

2020 Trends Predictions And Promising Applications For Technology And Healthcare | Health IT Outcomes 

We tend to be overly optimistic about AI, warns this article. But health care truly has a lot to benefit from data and analytics, including reduced medication errors, improved mental health outcomes and enhanced decisions for palliative care.

6 Predictions for Banking in 2020 | U.S. News & World Report

"Banks will gain the ability to deliver new lightweight, analytics-based services, like apps that offer instant recommendations with contextual language or even video consultations, on the fly, virtually and wherever the customer is," says Joan McGowan, principal financial services strategist at SAS.

5 Predictions in 2020 for Fraud, AML Compliance and Security | Fraud in Five 

Don't miss the brief video below featuring Stu Bradley's predictions for fraud in 2020, including how to leverage image data to prevent crime.

5 Ways Technology Will Revolutionize Government in the 2020s | Nextgov

As we enter a new decade, technologies like cryptocurrency and cybersecurity and algorithm bias will redefine what it means to be a citizen of the United States and the world, says Shaun Barry, the global leader for government, healthcare and utilities at SAS.

2020 Trends, Predictions and Challenges for Data Management and Privacy | Data Science Central

Data orchestration, data discovery, data preparation and model management are the data management trends to follow in 2020.

Knowledge Management Predictions for 2020 | KMWorld

AI will be more closely scrutinized and data-as-a-service will take off. Those are just a few of the predictions in this Knowledge Management article.

2020 trends in data science: Vanquishing the skills shortage for good | AI Business

What's just as important as data modeling? Data engineering and feature engineering.  These trends are helping to make data science more accessible to a wider range of  users than ever before.

AI Blooms Eternal in Risk and Compliancee | Banking Exchange

"Nearly all enterprise-sized financial institutions are engaged in AI-associated machine learning (ML) projects and leveraging them for real business – improving customer experience, fraud detection and, of course, risk and compliance functions," writes Katherine Taylor, who predicts machine learning will be used more comprehensively and strategically across organizations, as opposed to being used in isolation.

Tips For Ensuring Customer Loyalty In 2020 | Chief Marketer

In a world where many consumers don’t trust companies with their data, what are brands to do? This article offers three tips, including building privacy by design into every process.

What's Next: AI and Data Trends for 2020 and Beyond | InformationWeek

After a year of overhyping AI, industry analysts are predicting a more practical phase where technology helps automate important experiences for humans. After a year of overhyping AI, industry analysts are predicting a more practical phase where technology helps automate important experiences for humans.

What’s Ahead in Data for 2020—And the Coming Decade | DBTA

What makes AI truly intelligent and will we get to true intelligence in 2020? This article predicts yes – and includes other predictions related to 5G, edge computing, reinforcement learning, quantum computing and more.

What are your predictions? Or your favorite articles with predictions for the year? Let us know in the comments or share with @sassoftware on Twitter. 

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