Resources to help you conquer the 'last mile' of analytics


Getting value from analytics is becoming top of mind for businesses. Organizations have invested millions of dollars in data, people and technology and are looking for a return on their investment. That requires  operationalizing analytics so that it can be used for strategic decision making -- often referred to as the 'last mile' of analytics.

The key? Developing a ModelOps practice which aligns the culture, processes and technology to accelerate the analytics life cycle. If you're ready to conquer the last mile of analytics and cross the finish line strong, take a look at the resources I've gathered below:

Article: Operationalizing analytics: 4 ways banks are conquering the infamous ‘last mile’. This article provides four examples of leading banking organizations following a clearly defined path to put analytics in action  -- and the results they achieved.

Article:  Four people your data team needs to win the model deployment relay. I wrote this article for Information Management to dive into the different team members you need to develop, deploy and manage models at scale.

White Paper:  TDWI Pulse Report | Operationalizing Analytics for Business Value.  This white paper looks at how organizations can operationalize analytic models in order to take action and gain value.

Blog Post:  SAS CMO Randy Guard shares 7 tips for operationalizing analytics, focused in particular on streaming analytics.

Insights Article:  ModelOps: How to operationalize the model life cycle. This article defines ModelOps and explains how it helps organizations scale analytics by streamlining model deployment.

Case Study: Learn how Telenor uses predictive models to target offers to customers.

Case Study: Learn how Pepkor embeds analytics into credit decisioning environments.

White Paper: Get the most from your AI investment by operationalizing analytics. This white paper shows how analytics can take a page from DevOps to ensure maximum business impact from analytics.

Blog Post: The last mile – getting analytics into operations. James Ochaiai-Brown discusses some of the challenges organizations face in getting models into production, and how to overcome them with ModelOps.

Blog Post: Leveraging data: Going the last mile with better data in banking. Alex Kwiatkowski discusses how banks are deploying analytic models to build deeper relationship with customers.

Completing the last mile is never easy. The good news is that with ModelOps it can be done, and I hope these resources will help.


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Sarah Gates

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Sarah is the Global Product Marketing Manager for the SAS Platform, and spends most of her time focusing on how organizations can operationalize analytics to drive decision making. Analytics has been the primary focus of her career, including 8 years as a practicing data scientist. Sarah recently completed her Masters of Science in Analytics.

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