4 inspiring videos from Analytics Experience keynote speakers


Get ready to have your mind blown.

Whether or not you plan to attend Analytics Experience in San Diego on September 17, you'll be inspired by the speakers we have lined up to keynote the event.

There's an inventor. A data scientist. A world class athlete. And a photographer. They've all pushed boundaries, performed magic and done what many thought to be impossible.

Watch the videos below to be inspired, and if you can, make plans to come meet them at Analytics Experience in September.

1. Dreaming it into fruition

Mick Ebeling, Founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, has pushed past his fears to help others by developing life-changing prosthetics for people around the world. How did he go from being a filmmaker to an inventor? Watch the video below.

2. Making the invisible visible

Dr. Tricia Wang, Global Technology Ethnographer and Co-Founder, Sudden Compass, discovers the unknown through a process of analyzing thick and hidden data. Hear her secrets here, and learn what her methods can tell you about your customers.

3. Building teams to achieve the impossible

You might not be leading a team of extreme athletes into the jungle, but some days it can feel like it. And you can surely learn a lot about leadership from someone who has. Listen to Robyn Benincasa, CNN Hero and World Champion Adventure Racer, explain how to get ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

4.Breaking down barriers

World-Renowned Photographer and Founder of The People's Portfolio, Platon knows how to disarm even the most guarded subjects. He gets close and asks simple questions that humanize the bigger-than-life public figures that he photographs. Find out how he captures his subjects' authentic selves – and how he brings attention to known and unknown faces around the world.

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