Everything you need to know about the weekly #SASChat


Looking to connect and engage with other like-minded people in a meaningful way? A #SASchat might just what you’re looking for! #SASChat is SAS’ version of a Twitter chat: a live, online event that works like any get-together.

Participating in a #SASchat is a great way to:

  • Engage with an online audience, including colleagues, partners and thought leaders.
  • Expand your reach on social media with respect to thought leadership.
  • Find new connections, who share similar interests, and are more likely to re-tweet or favorite your content (thus introducing you to their followers).

For reference, here's a schedule of upcoming #SASChat topics:

  • January 4: What hot topics and new innovation are you expecting to see at #NRF2019?
  • Join us online for the weekly #SASChat

We invite you to take a look at previous  SAS Chats where we explored these questions:

How to participate

Say you want to participate in a #SASchat for the first time, but you don’t know where to start. No worries, it’s  easy. All you need is a Twitter account and the hashtag #SASchat.

Step 1
Approximately 5 minutes before the chat begins, log into Twitter and type #SASchat into the search field.

Step 2
Choose the “Latest” tab, which displays recent tweets featuring #SASchat.

All Twitter chats follow a question-and-answer format where the host account asks questions, then the Twitterverse answers. Typically the host will post five to six questions over the course of the chat to structure the conversation. For us, #SASchats are hosted by a corporate SAS Twitter account like @SASsoftware.

Step 3
Under the search results, look for activity from the host account. Specifically, you want to find the start of the #SASchat where the host posts the 1st question, marked “Q1.”

Step 4
You can just observe the #SASchat or actively join in -- it's totally up to you. If you choose to reply, your response should include:

  • The text “A1” for question 1, “A2” for question 2, and so on.
  • #SASchat (Note:If you do not include #SASchat, your answers will not be a visible part of the conversation).
  • The Twitter handle(s) to whom you are responding — this can be the host account posting questions, another #SASchat participant’s response/comment or both.
  • Any other hashtags relating to the topic of the chat (e.g. #AI, #IoT, #Analytics, etc.).

Insider’s tip: Twitter chats move quickly. By the time you respond to someone it might not be clear who you were speaking to. Always include their Twitter handle at the beginning of any response (like @kristinevick). This happens automatically by clicking the reply button underneath their tweet.

Last but not least, you can always catch a recap of the #SASchat. We capture the conversations in Twitter Moments, so you never feel left out!

Have an idea for a #SASchat? Tweet me or @SASSoftware with what you'd like to explore!


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      Carol - thank you for your interest! Typically we host the #SASchat on Wednesday at 12pm eastern or Friday at 9am eastern! I'll add specifics going forward!

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