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If you’re like me, you probably feel like there's more bad news than good in the world today. And, it makes me that much more grateful when I hear some good news. That’s part of why I love Giving Tuesday so much – it’s a day where my social media feeds are full of people and companies with big hearts giving back. It dawned on me that while this activity is amplified on Giving Tuesday, it’s likely that most of these folks probably do good more than one day a year. I know that’s the case for SAS!

Jake Porway, Founder, DataKind

Jake Porway, Founder of DataKind has said “Using data for good is in the DNA of SAS.” I have only been at SAS for 10 years, but this company has been doing good things for the community and world since we began in 1976. In fact, just this year, SAS was named as one of Fortune’s Companies that Change the World by doing good for our many Data For Good efforts. From using analytics to improve child welfare and prevent deadly infections, to helping veterans transition to analytical careers through free training and exams, SAS changes lives for the better.

Part of that dedication to doing good is reflected in our decision to partner with companies committed to doing the same. And, it’s another reason why I love my job. Because I get to work with many of our alliance partners who share our commitment in this effort.

Earlier this year, Deloitte celebrated their 18th annual #Impact That Matters day. This is Deloitte’s annual day of service and “is a longstanding tradition and a celebration of Deloitte’s year-round commitment to collectively making an impact that matters in our communities. It’s also one of the top reasons cited for why Deloitte was ranked No. 6 by Fortune and Great Place to Work on their 2017 list of the “50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back.”The US employees use this day to volunteer and make a difference in their communities. The stories I heard and saw were heartwarming:

  • Packing lunches for underprivileged kids for a full year.
  • Planting a garden at a senior center.
  • Building comfort kits for veterans.
  • And so many more valuable projects.

Capgemini shares in their Corporate Social Responsibility report many different ways that they do good. For the past five years, the company has held an annual day of service – Capgemini Cares Day – where North America employees give back to their communities. This year Capgemini Cares Day included over 1,000 employees across 32 offices who donated 3,422 hours in support of 14 charitable organizations. Some of the organizations benefiting from this volunteerism included:

  • Ronald McDonald house - provided over 400 hours to prepare food and serve it to the families staying there.
  • Feeding America – provided 700+ hours sorting food in the food bank for distribution out to those in need.
  • Best friends’ animal society in NY - provided 200+ hours to support the animals and perform administrative activities.
  • Keeping America Beautiful – recycling water bottles and painted them to turn them into art to beautify Houston, TX.

Another SAS partner, Accenture, has focused their give back efforts on “Skills to succeed”. This effort focuses on skills development to find a job in our workforce today and in the future. The Accenture employees gave of themselves volunteering during the “hour of code” delivering 14,000+ hours of coding education to 100,000+ students in 56 countries around the globe. Accenture is also very involved in getting girls involved in STEM careers and supports girls who code.

People magazine annually publishes a list of 50 Companies That Care. Not only is SAS ranked #5 on this year’s list, but many of our trusted partners were recognized as well:

Some of SAS’ US Regional partners are committed to doing good too. Partner d-Wise is a major annual sponsor of the MS Bike Ride in New Bern, NC. Last year, after Hurricane Matthew, Zencos donated to the local foodbank and matched regional employee donations to local charities. They’re also involved with Corral Riding, a rescue for horses and at-risk girls. The Financial Risk Group hosts blood drives and adopt a spot program.

My mind seems to be focused on “good things” this time of year. This world of ours could use more good. I plan on doing several things on Giving Tuesday. SAS and our partners have many activities planned to give back to our communities that day.

I’m sure there are other partners doing good that I haven’t included here, and many SAS customers doing good as well. I'd love it if you told your Giving Tuesday story, or how you give back throughout the year, in the comments. Like I said, we need more good news in this world.


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  1. Thanks for being a champion for good news, Kathy! I enjoyed reading about all of the different ways SAS partners are giving back.

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    There's no better advocate for doing good than you, KJ! Thanks for highlighting all the good that our partners are doing. #SASpartners!!

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