Have a holly, jolly smart grid


Ready for another (soon to be classic) fun, custom-made for IT holiday jingle?? Fire up the hot chocolate, gather around the water cooler and belt this one out at the upcoming office party:

Have a holly, jolly smart grid
It's about time we upgraded our electric infrastructure
I don't know if there will be outages
But I hope you have a IoT connected smart meter this year!

Have a holly, jolly smart grid
And when you walk down the street, enjoy the wifi
Enabling you to say hello to all the friends you know
And to link/connect/friend everyone you meet!

Oh, ho the hotspots go
Broadcasting where you can see
Somebody waits for you
Snapchat her once for me!

Have a holly, jolly smart grid
And in case you've installed solar/wind
Oh, by golly have a holly, jolly smart grid this year!

Happy holidays to you and yours!


About Author

David Pope

Technical Leader, Senior Manager US Energy

David leads the pre-sales technical team for SAS US Energy which solves business problems in the Oil & Gas and Utilities industries using advanced analytics. He is a lifetime learner who enjoys sharing information and helping others to grow their careers. He earned a BS in Industry Engineering and a Computer Programming Certificate from North Carolina State University. Furthermore, he has over 29 years of business experience working with SAS across R&D, IT, Sales and Marketing in the Americas and Europe. He is an expert in working with data and producing insights through the use of analytics. David has presented at SAS Global Forum, the 2012 SAS Government Leadership Summit, IBM’s Information on Demand(IOD), EMC World, CTO Summit Conferences, is the author of the book: "Big Data Analytics with SAS", and he currently holds 14 patents for SAS in several countries: US, CA, Norway, UK, China, Mexico, and Hong Kong.

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