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Streaming analytics is a red hot topic in many industries. As the Internet of Things continues to grow, the ability to process and analyze data from new sources like sensors, mobile phones, and web clickstreams will set you apart from your competition. Event stream processing is a popular way to analyze streaming data, and we’re hearing a lot of questions about this technology.

Dan Zaratsian, a SAS Senior Solutions Architect, will be at Strata Hadoop World in San Jose, March 29-31.
Dan Zaratsian, a SAS Senior Solutions Architect, will be at Strata Hadoop World in San Jose, March 29-31.

We’ve asked Dan Zaratsian, a SAS Senior Solutions Architect, to answer some of your questions about event stream processing. You’ll have a chance to meet Dan if you're going to Strata Hadoop World in San Jose, March 29-31. Data scientists, data architects, analysts and executives from around the globe will  be there to learn best practices, hear new analytic approaches, network with peers -- or to just track down a little yellow elephant to bring home for the kids.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll share some of the key technology areas SAS will be talking about at Strata Hadoop World. And we’ll dive a little deeper into topics like analytics, data management and even dabble in how big data can be used for good. If you’re not attending the conference, we hope these posts will provide you with a good introduction to big data topics. And if you are attending, we hope they give you incentive to stop by SAS booth #1022 to meet the big data experts we’re featuring here. Zaratsian is up first to answer your streaming analytics questions.

Does SAS offer streaming analytics support, and if so, what does this include?
Zaratsian: SAS Event Streaming Processing is a comprehensive real-time solution that supports true real-time analytics, advanced pattern detection, unsupervised clustering, text analytics, and data quality capabilities to name a few. Data scientists can now deploy SAS predictive models, including decision trees, neutral networks, regressions, and more advanced deeper learning models, all in real-time. In addition, SAS also offers streaming kmeans clusters, which calculate the clusters as new events occur, which can then trigger alerts, be sent into Hadoop, or visualized in a dashboard.

What are some ways that I can integrate SAS with Hadoop?
Zaratsian: There are several ways to integrate SAS with your Hadoop environment. One of the core components is SAS/ACCESS to Hadoop which streamlines the connection from SAS to your Hadoop cluster via Hive. In addition we also have SAS Data Loader for Hadoop which sits on top of Hadoop, enabling users to profile, quality check, and prep data using a browser-based interface. Another integration point is our Event Stream Processing engine and Hadoop. Using SAS Even Stream Processing, we're able to publish (input) and subscribe (output) data from HDFS. In addition, the real-time server can also be run within a Hadoop YARN container.

Do you know of a solution that leverages both Hadoop and a real-time event stream processing architecture?
Zaratsian: Yes, a great example of this is SAS' cybersecurity solution which leverages both event stream processing and Hadoop to analyze network activity within an organization. This solution applies a variety of behavior analytics, peer group analysis and unsupervised machine learning to detect and alert on abnormal activity. This is an in-memory application, which processes billions of events per day to scan for suspicious activity and sends the data to Hadoop for historical analysis, while also triggering real-time alerts.

If you’re looking to learn more about event stream processing, read 3 things you need to know about event stream processing or download the white paper, How Streaming Data Analytics Enables Real-Time Decisions.

Stop by the SAS booth #1022 to chat with Dan, pick up a “Data Dude” or “Data Diva” t-shirt and meet the rest of the SAS team. You also won’t want to miss Paul Kent’s and Patrick Hall’s presentation March 30th at 4:20, A survival guide to machine learning: Top 10 tips from a battle-tested solution.

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