How many holiday shoppers will brave the crowds on Thanksgiving?

2014 holiday shopping research results (click to enlarge)
2014 holiday shopping research results (click to enlarge)

‘Tis the day before T-Day and all through the mall
The shoppers are waiting for prices to fall.
The signs they are printed and ready to hang
In hopes that “Black Thursday” will start with a bang.

The family has traveled and all gathered here
To spend time with grandma and bring her good cheer.
The meal has been planned and the table’s been laid,
The turkey’s defrosting and the pie’s being made.

And mom in her yoga pants and I in my tee
Have just settled down to watch some TV.
When believe it or not the commercials were clear
Most retailers will open for shopping this year.

Starting tomorrow (not Friday) they say
The discounts are better on Thanksgiving Day.
No post turkey nap; what’s more, no football.
The plans have now changed, we must go to the mall.

I’ll get in our car and join one in four
Of holiday shoppers who’ll bust through the door.
So I’ll rush to the mall to my favorite store
To get those good prices, save money galore.

But what should I buy and where shall I go?
Before I go shopping, I surely should know
That gift cards are best for those on my list.
Even my spouse (no bling?), what a twist!

But that’s not enough, I’ll find something to add
I’ll buy sweaters and scarves and follow the fad.
I’ll find toys for the tots and phones for the teens
All at great prices, and not past my means.

My list in my hand, I’ll be ready for shopping
I’ll head for the stores and shop without stopping
At Macy’s, at Sears, Best Buy and Walmart
At Target, at Kohls and SteinMart to start.

And when I get home, I’ll check the game score
Then login online and go shopping some more.
I might use my tablet or maybe my phone
To find some more deals while the sales are still on.

I’ll have some more turkey and maybe more pie.
When Thanksgiving is over I’ll need some shut eye.
I’ll dream of the family and the holiday cheer
And wake up quite early because Christmas is near.

I’ll put on my war paint and go back into the fray.
Because my shopping’s not done and Friday’s the day
When the Black Friday Warriors (you might be one too)
Go back to the mall with more saving to do.



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